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From Allen Holub <>
Subject Re[2]: How to deploy/redeploy when context.xml present
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2004 22:47:11 GMT
Hi QM,

Q> This is true: Tomcat doesn't compare a WAR file's META-INF/context.xml
Q> to its corresponding copy in
Q> {tomcat}/conf/{engine}/{host}/{file}.xml;
Q> if the latter file already exists, Tomcat ignore the former.
Q> If you use *only* WAR files you can use a custom Tomcat start/stop
Q> script that cleans out the context-related XML files in {tomcat}/conf.

So am I correct in thinking that I must:

   1) Stop Tomcat
   2) delete the .../conf/Catalina/localhost/myAPp.xml file
   3) copy the new version of the .war to /webapps
   4) restart tomcat

Do I also need to delete the unpacked version of the .war file
that Tomcat puts in .../webapps?

In general, what should I delete to completely remove a previously
deployed web app?

Can any of this be done with Tomcat running?

I'm running 5.0.28, if that matters.


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