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Subject Re: [Somewhat OT] Content vs. Programming
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 17:57:03 GMT
On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 01:24:00PM -0400, Anthony E. Carlos wrote:
> I've thought of having them upload to a alternate directory and then 
> running some ant script to copy new and changed files into the Tomcat 
> directories, but that still won't help with the merging process. To 
> make things even more complicated, and we're also using Tiles so my 
> content providers have to ask me to add entries into struts-config.xml 
> and tiles-defs.xml when they create a new page.

	Sounds like you need to impose some structure on how your clients
upload things.  Since you have more than one person/group of people
working on the same stuff _someone_ needs to do the merging, but there's
no reason to do it by hand.  Since you're using CVS, let CVS do some
of the work for you.

	1: Have your clients upload to a checked out copy of your sources
	   This assumes your source layout and your installed layout are
	   fairly similar.  This can be made easier if you declare that
	   all of their stuff needs to go in some subdirectory that
	   maps to the installed layout in a well define manner.
	2: To satisfy their immediate update requirement, write a script that
	  watches for new files and copies them to the webapps directory when
	  they appear.
	3: Before you install a new war file, go into the upload directory,
	  run an update, merge changes, check in those changes.  Then re-update
	  your development box and rebuild.  If you define a branch for the
	  client upload changes you can import each of their changes to the
	  branch and then do all of your merging work on your development
	  box.  In fact, you could even automate the checkin using the afore
	  mentioned script.  Branches are extremely useful for things like this.


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