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From "Mark van Wyk" <>
Subject Age Old Question of Wildcards
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 10:04:52 GMT
Hi there,

SUBJECT: Subdomain Wildcards

I've seen this question posted all over the Internet and searched and read
until blue in the face - alas without a response. Please could someone
kindly direct me to a resource that answers these problems; or please answer
the questions below.

1. I know you can use the <ServerAlias/> tag in Apache's httpd.conf file to
point subdomain wildcards. Can it be done in Tomcat Standalone via the
server.xml file?

2. I've seen folk rewrite and rewrite bits of Tomcat to
take care of this. Is this a recommended approach?

3. If there are any Tomcat developers out there, do you think that a version
of Tomcat that supports wildcards in server.xml may come out soon?

Looking forward to your response,

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