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From Woodchuck <>
Subject jk isapi_redirector2.dll @
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 16:56:59 GMT
hihi all,

does anyone have more information about this web page:

and the isapi_redirector2.dll found there?

i upgraded from jk 2.0.4's dll to this one and it fixed the uploading
files problem (with commons-fileupload.jar), but we have other web apps
that are running behind this .dll also.

does anyone have any other information about the differences between
this dll and the jk 2.0.4 dll?  i'm wondering how much
retesting/regression testing should be done for the other apps that
were working fine under the jk 2.0.4 dll.  has anyone that had to do
this upgrade experienced any side effects?

any info, suggestions on this is greatly appreciated.

please and thanks,

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