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From "Cameron Roe" <>
Subject newbie questions
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 21:42:09 GMT
Hi all,
Ok so here goes. I want a have a version of the JavaDoc for the Java Servlet
API on my local machine. I can then link in my IDE and get mouse-over
javadoc for the Servlet API. Where do I get it?  I know the Javadoc is
available online but I would like to have a local copy.I've looked at the
sun site and can get the specs just fine but where's the javadoc? :)   I've
downloaded the source file '' and expanded it
but don't see any Javadoc. 
The README found in 
jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28-src/jakarta-servletapi-5/jsr154 indicates that there
should be the following directories 
BUILDING.txt     Instructions for building from sources
LICENSE         Apache Software License for this release
README.txt     This document
docs/                 Documentation for this release
    api/                     Javadocs for Servlet and JSP API classes
lib/                     Binary JAR files for this release
    servlet.jar         Binary Servlet and JSP API classes
src/                 Sources for Servlet and JSP API classes
I got examples (not even listed)  and src but that's it. Where did it go? 
Second question. I got Tomcat going under Linux and Windows. I'm going
through the book "More Servlets and JavaServer Pages" by Marty Hall and am
working on the windows box (Faster CPU, more memory etc.). Most of the
examples in the book say to put the x.class under the directory
<install-dir>/webapps/ROOT then the url for the servlet would be default to This makes it easy to write
simple servlets to try things out without having to modify the web.xml each
This works under Linux but not under Windows. Is this expected? or am I
missing something? I believe the documentation says that this is the default
behaviour but not everyone supports it. This is no big issue-as I can simply
do a <servlet-mapping> in the web.xml but after writing a hole whack of
small servlets it's becoming a pain. It would it would be nice to know how
to do that on windows. 
Finally for the stupid question of the day. I notice alot of information re:
merging apache and tomcat. My question is why? I'm assuming the Apache is
better at serving web pages that Tomcat but is that the only reason? It
would seem that for a small website, just having Tomcat would be fine. Any
Thanks for you help!

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