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From Robert Humble <humb...@AGR.GC.CA>
Subject Tomcat Manager roles
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 14:38:21 GMT
I have setup multiple Manager's and can isolate the apps. The problem is
the tomcat-users.xml file. Both version of the manager use the same
tomcat-users.xml. The one that was last defined for permission. So when
I give the developer's access to one manager they can just change the
port and access the other apps as well. Is there anyway other than
running totally separate tomcat version to give the developer's access
to only there app.


Hi, I would like to be able to limit the access in Tomcat manager. I
would like to be able to setup a user account that is able to start,
stop and remove the examples application, but only the example
application. The problem is that when I give a user the role manager
they have access to shutdown and start all the other application. How
would I set it up so that they can only use the commands for the app
they are responsible for?

Here's one idea.  The Manager webapp is designed to manage all apps in
one Host, for better or worse.  So if you want to have it manage only
one app, put that app AND the Manager webapp (or a copy of it) in that
Host.  That means defining multiple Hosts in server.xml, each with its
own appBase, and moving your webapps around as needed.  It's not a big
deal, doesn't require any coding.


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