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Subject Where do UnavailableExceptions get reported?
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 22:44:07 GMT
Hi all --

   I just installed Tomcat, and created a servlet, and installed it.  It worked.
 I then added an init() method, which also worked.  Finally, I changed my init
method to throw an "UnavailableException" if a configuration variable wasn't
   Now, obviously, I get an "The requested resource (Servlet hemlock is not
available) is not available" error.  But the message I specified in the
exception I threw does not show up -- not in the logs, not when I reload the
servlet in the manager, not on the page when I try to run the servlet.  I
searched all the available files in the Apache install directory, and it's not
in any of them.  Where does it go?  If it disappears, what good is having
UnavailableExceptions being thrown?

-- Chris

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