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From "Robert Hunt" <>
Subject Re: Reducing network traffic for rollover images
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 16:47:59 GMT
After some analysis and trial & error, I've found** that the correct JS 
syntax in this application is:

        {HTMLElement}.style.backgroundImage  =  'url( ' + img1.src + ')';

where {HTMLElement} would be "this" as in:

        <a href="xxx" onmouseover=" = 'url(' + 
img1.src + ')';" ...>

or some other js variable obtained by, like say, document.getElementById().

Watching the Tomcat access log and using permutations of CSS and the 
FrankZ/jscript-caching-strategy to achieve the rollover effects, I've found 
that the background image is requested:

                IExplore 6.0            Netscape 7.2
CSS        each mouseover       once per page
JS           each mouseover       once per page

So, as has been 99% of my experience, NS does it right, IE leaves a bit to 
be desired.  <heavy sigh>  It appears that when ".style.backgroundImage" is 
modified in IE, another HTTP GET request is triggered.  I'm going to see if 
I can do a "swap" with a hidden element that (already) has the desired style 
and see if I can fake out IE.

-- BUT --

Through all of this, my original question remains; Is there a way to provide 
suggestions/hints/minor-coercion to an HTTP client (via headers or other 
response codes/messages) that would coax IE (and perhaps other browser 
implementations) to cache the image at least once per page load?


-- RH

** Googling for "style.backgroundImage" led me to

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Robert Hunt
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 6:32 PM
Subject: Re: Reducing network traffic for rollover images


Thanks for the code snippet.  However, I'm having a bit of trouble mapping
your jscript to the CSS that currently creates the rollover/hover  effect:

    a.glink:hover {   background-image:
url("../images/glblnav_selected.gif");   }

I've tried several permutations for the anchor that has the effect

   <a ... onmouseover=" = img1">

   <a ... onmouseover=" = img1.src">

and on and on and none work -- no js exceptions are triggered, but there's 
no effect. 

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