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From "Steve Kirk" <>
Subject RE: JNDI Resources in web.xml
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 23:39:14 GMT
Your post below is very strongly related to the one I posted at about the
same time. ("RE: JNDI DataSource GlobalResources problem").

I think I'm right in saying that you can replace a server.xml <Resource>
element with a we.xml <resource-ref>, but I don't know that there is an
analogous way to migrate <ResourceParams> to web.xml - but I stand to be
corrected.  In fact if this is possible I'd be keen to hear how!

Element ordering in web.xml is a different topic, and one that has passed me
by.  I'm aware that some docs talk about it, but I've always just slapped
things in web.xml in any old order and never had a problem !  Seriously
though, I think ordering restrictons were relaxed at some point in the
recent past.  I've just done a google search but couldn't pinpoint an

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> From: Allen Holub [] 
> Sent: Thursday 28 October 2004 00:10
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: JNDI Resources in web.xml
> Dear List,
> During early development (Tomcat 5.0.28 under RedHat EL3),
> I've found that META-INF/context.xml is
> virtually unusable, primarily because it's so hard to deploy. By the
> same token, putting the file in conf/Catalina/localhost/myApp.xml is
> equally difficult because an ant-based redeploy overwrites it with a
> default version. I'm loath to put stuff in server.xml, and in any
> event, the only thing I'm doing with context.xml is defining
> a JDNI resource for the database connection pool and a couple of
> environment strings.
> I understand from the documentation, that I can define these in
> web.xml, and though I've gotten <env-entry> to work just fine (as
> a replacement for the <Environment...> element in context.xml), I
> can't find documentation for how to replace a
> <Resource...> element in context.xml with an equivalent
> <resource-ref> element in web.xml.
> Is this possible or am I misguided? If it is possible, can anyone
> point me at a description of how to do it that's more complete
> than the one in the "GlobalNamingResources Component" section of the
> "Server Configuration Reference?"
> Also, the docs caution that I should respect element ordering in the
> web.xml file, but they don't tell me what the ordering should be.
> Where is this ordering documented?
> Alternatively, I'm not adverse to replacing the bundled JNDI
> implementation with a stand-alone JNDI server. If anyone's done that,
> I'd appreciate any pointers you could give me about how to both
> install and access a replacement JNDI implementation.
> Thanks much.
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