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From Chuck Chopp <>
Subject Re: Why tomcat 4 or even 3?
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:16:28 GMT
Wendy Smoak wrote:

> From: "John Villar" <>
>>i don't think that every T4 user has HP-UX
> No... by my count, I think there are three of us. :)

And don't forget me... I'm the guy who runs Tomcat on OpenVMS on an HP Alpha 
system [well, really I think of them as DEC Alpha, not as Compaq Alpha or 
even as HP Alpha] and I have the same problem with Tomcat v4.1.x being the 
only version that HP provides for me to use.  As such, I continue to use 
Tomcat v4.1.x on my WinXP development system, too.  I also run it on 
NetWare, and it seems that Tomcat there, too, is still at v4.1.x as v5 
hasn't been provided by Novell.

Chuck Chopp

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