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From Chuck Chopp <>
Subject Re: JSP won't compile
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 00:26:29 GMT
OK, things just go weirder.

My struts-based webapp uses a welcome page named "index.jsp", which is 
located in the webapp's root folder.

My other JSP files are all located in the subfolder "WEB-INF/form". 
According to all of the tutorials I've read, this is a very reasonable thing 
to do as it makes the JSP files inaccessible to direct access from a web 
browser and requires that an action be executed in order to have a JSP 

On a whim, I moved all of my JSP files to the root folder of the webapp, 
modified the global forwards & actions in struts-config.xml and then rebuilt 
the deployment WAR file.  When the updated WAR file was deployed to my 
OpenVMS system, it suddenly started working.  If I switch things back to 
having my JSP files in the "WEB-INF/form" subfolder then I get the JSP 
compilation again for Tomcat on OpenVMS.  However, for Tomcat on WinXP & 
NetWare v6.5 there's no problem regardless of where my JSP files are located.

At this point it looks like the Tomcat installation on OpenVMS is having 
problems with JSP files not located in the webapp's root folder.

Chuck Chopp

ChuckChopp (at) rtfmcsi (dot) com

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