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From Kelly Denehy <>
Subject Re: AW: How many connections can be made to Tomcat on Windows?
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:53:24 GMT
On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 19:00:06 +0200, SH Solutions <> wrote:
> Hi
> > in the even you're using windows professional, it is limited to 10 inbound
> connections, which is easy to overlook and forget.
> NO.
> The limit of 10 inbound connections apply to _windows shares only_. It's a
> limitation to prevent usage of "professional" as "server".
> However, the tcp/ip stack of professional and server are the _SAME_ and
> there is _NO_ limitation on incoming or outgoing connections, as long as the
> hardware can handle them.
> One exception: Windows xp sp2 has a limit for the rate of creating outgoing
> connection, which is suppost to slow down worms, but it can be disabled in
> registry. However, this does NOT apply to incoming connections.
> However, 1000 request/second is propably way to much for one system. Buy two
> and use load balancers, or do very good cashing in your webapp. But do not
> access the database for every page hit.
> Regards,
>   Steffen
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>From a *technical* standpoint, you are correct regarding socket
connections.  From a *legal* standpoint, however, the EULA for the
Workstation product limits you to 10 concurrent socket connections, in
order to try to force you to use Server instead.  MS changed this back
around NT 4.0 because people were putting http servers on NT
Workstation instead of NT Server to save money.

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