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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject Re: TLS-Enabled Connector Prevents Startup
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 09:18:52 GMT
On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:

| I have found the solution and will share it here incase someone
| encounters a similar problem in the future.
| The solution is:
|   # cd /dev
|   # mv random random-old
|   # ln -s urandom random
| however bizarre that may sound. It seems that the recent Linux kernel
| update wasn't up to Tomcat's liking. For whatever the reason, Tomcat's
| initialising of the TLS connector blocks in a read from /dev/random,
| always. Ensuring that it reads from /dev/urandom instead makes it happy
| again.

( Nothing very valuable in the following, really, I've just had the exact
same situation with a SecureRandom in my application that I seeded with
/dev/random.. )

/dev/random has an "entropy pool" that may get depleted, in which case
it'll block till it has gotten more bits of entropy. I've experienced that
on a server standing in a corner, w/o keyboard or other "direct human
input", this might take forever (for example, it doesn't use ethernet
traffic, as this can become non-random at times..)

I guess the TLS Connector (where is that?) uses /dev/random for its
initialization for its instance of a However,
I believe that on new VMs the default initialization (default == no
seeding on creation) of SecureRandom is pretty good, utilizing the OS's
native random mechanisms. I think that 1.3 has been like this on windows
for some time, while maybe 1.4 fixed this for Linux?
  However, if the linux-default init uses /dev/random (instead of
urandom), then this might be the problem? The TLS Connector might be
changed to use a configurable source for randomness for seeding, e.g.
either a file, or default init.


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