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From Gerardo Juarez <>
Subject RE: Why is Tomcat/Connector Installation So Incredibly Painful??
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 17:11:08 GMT

You're right, if you don't have the time to contribute patches or
enhancements, you cannot expect anyone to care, since you are not paying
for the job. A complaint does, however, point to areas of potential
improvement, and wise developers will eventually listen to them, giving
each the priority they desire. It's called feedback... ;-)

Snapping kills feedback, and without feedback you're pretty much in the 

Gerardo Juarez

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Shapira, Yoav wrote:

> Hi,
> I would point out a few things:
> - If you can't navigate from the web site to the JK
> download links (either source or binary), and must resort to Googling
> for the download links, you probably shouldn't be installing and
> configuring the connectors (or Tomcat, or Apache httpd) in the first
> place ;)  It's pretty simple to click on either the "Binaries" or
> "Source" code links under the "Downloads" header on the left-hand side
> of, and then scroll down the page for whatever
> product you want.  If you don't feel like reading the page or scrolling
> down, you can use ctrl+f to find "mod_jk" right away, no problem.
> - I get completely different Google results from what you report when I
> search for mod_jk, with a number of how-to pages coming first.
> - If you don't have time to contribute any patches or enhancements, you
> can definitely bitch and gripe but you can't expect anyone to care.  All
> of us also have jobs and don't get paid for making your life easier.
> We'd love to evaluate and integrate any improvements you can come up
> with, but naturally connector documentation has never been an area of
> high interest to most tomcat developers.  Moreover, as Tomcat as
> maturing the importance of the connectors in general is going down IMHO,
> with more and more standalone installations.
> Yoav Shapira
> Millennium Research Informatics
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> >From: Greg Ward []
> >Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 9:27 AM
> >To: Tomcat Users List
> >Subject: Re: Why is Tomcat/Connector Installation So Incredibly
> Painful??
> >
> >On 03 September 2004, Peter Alvin said:
> >> But why is it so
> >> incredibly painful to install Apache/Tomcat/Connector?  It always
> >> takes me about two days.  I look forward to it as much as doing my
> >> federal tax returns.
> >
> >I'm in complete agreement with you.  Even finding the right files to
> >download is a bit of a chore.  ("OK, so everyone says I need mod_jk.
> >Therefore I'm looking for a file called...
> >jakarta-tomcat-connectors-jk-1.2.6-src.tar.gz.  Riiiight.  Well, at
> >least they have two letters in common.)
> >
> >Here's an interesting experiment: google'ing for "mod_jk" finds this
> >page:
> >
> >as the second hit.  But the string "mod_jk" occurs nowhere in that
> page;
> >you have to hunt around until you realize that what you're really
> >looking for is "Tomcat Web Server Connectors".  And then you only get
> to
> >the "binary releases" page, which is useless -- I need the source,
> >dammit!
> >
> >Oh, the *first* Google hit for "mod_jk" is
> >
> >which I think most people who are working with Tomcat 4.1.x or 5.0.x
> >would probably ignore based on the URL.
> >
> >Anyways, once you've downloaded the source (which I've already
> forgotten
> >how to do -- luckily I kept a local copy), you then have to figure out
> >*what* to build in that tree and where to find it.  Not obvious.  And
> >it's different from mod_jk to mod_jk2.  And then getting things to
> build
> >is even less obvious.
> >
> >Alas, I don't have time to do anything more than bitch and gripe.
> >Whoever is actually maintaining mod_jk, mod_jk2, and associated web
> >pages, please hear our cries!
> >
> >        Greg
> >
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