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From "Ben Bookey" <>
Subject ++ Best practive ?? ++ (JSP-->Servlet-->Database) character encoding.
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2004 08:37:25 GMT

Dear list,

We have a web-based jsp-servlet application performing updates, deletes and
inserts into an oracle database running with Tomcat 5. We want to support
american, and european customer client locales, so we want to use either
ISO-8859-15 or utf-8. But we are having problems saving the Euro symbol when
using ISO-8859-15 encoding.

I had previously assumed that because java works with unicode as default,
that all data entered in a HTML form would be saved therefore as UTF-8 into
the database. (i.e. as soon as a value is assigned to  the a java dataobject
e.g. string or int). I am beginning to think this not to be case, and that
all data is saved in the database based on the original encoding as posted
by the browser. Please can someone explain what is really going on?? Do i
need to have some code which, checks the browser encoding in the HTTP
header, and then convert/parse accordingly to a chosen standard. This will
then avoid the situation that our database could end up containing records
in different character encoding systems, which I suspect is what is now

In addition, how does TC deal with framsets containing many html pages. Are
they all treated individually (in theory allowing many character encodings
to be used in each HTML frame), or as one unit.

I LOOK very much forward to any reply on this matter.


Ben Bookey

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