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From "Igor" <>
Subject Re: Synchronization in cluster
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 18:42:21 GMT

> if you are talking about distributed locking, then the answer is no

Thank you for reply !

Our web application uses locking and Singleton pattern. I am making researches - is there
a possibility to move to cluster architecture or load balancing.

Distributed locking is not possible.
Distiributed Singleton (static variables) seems not to be possible too.

So web applications, that use locking or Singleton cannot use cluster architecture or load

Maybe there is indirect way of implementing distributed locking or distributed Singleton?
For example, code that needs synchronization may be concentrated in "main" Tomcat, and other
Tomcats will call this code via http or SOAP?

Is there any way to move web application with locking and Singleton to cluster or load balancing?

Thank you,

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