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Subject RE: Why tomcat 4 or even 3?
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 06:24:55 GMT
Michael wrote:


>Since I just posted such a message let me explain why I am 

>installing 4.1.x.  It is for a third party software the latest release
of which requires Servlet spec 2.3.  That is >supported by TC 4 only.
The vendor does not take any responsibilty that their product will work
with Servlet spec 2.4, >so I can't use TC 5 no matter how much I want
to.  Maybe this is also a question of backwards compatability of new
>Servlet and other specs. Just as an example: I couldn't upgrade Java to
1.4 because the third party software definitely >didn't work with it, I
tried. Another example is tomcat itself.  I can't just replace TC3 with
TC4.  Essentially >everything has changed.  No TC3 config file will work
and no conversion tool or even a proper description exists.  So >for
real work it is not that simple to just use the latest version of tomcat
or whatever.


>Just my 2 cents.



Hei! I agree with you. And even if it's true that bugs always tends to
rise in all software, you should think that sometimes is better fighting
against well-known bugs than against new bugs; for example, in
critical-mission systems never are used newer versions of soft or hard,
because you don't really know what kind of bugs you will find. In fact,
upgrading depends on the scenario, the mission of system, the users, the
money you have and also the compatibility with older versions! Saying
that you should always upgrade your systems is a too-simplistic
assortment (I hope this word is right!).


Javier Polo.

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