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From Christian Mittendorf <>
Subject Howto deploy a new version of my webapp without disturbing the customer?
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 10:15:08 GMT

My scenario is an order application, where my customers can order 
products. But the software or the design of the pages are changing 
rapidly. The question is now: how can I deploy a new version without 
the customer noticing anything?

I'm searching for something similar to what WebObjects is offering. WO 
allows me to start a new instance (using the new version) of my 
application in parallel to the already running application. All new 
connections are then redirected to this new application. The existing 
sessions in the old application can continue their order process. When 
the number  of open sessions in this old instance reaches zero, the 
instance is shut down. The customer out in the web does not see that a 
new version has been deployed.

Is something simlilar possible using Tomcat?


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