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From "James Pope" <>
Subject Relative redirects: Tomcat 5 using machine local hostname instead of the FQDN fr
Date Thu, 09 Sep 2004 07:15:56 GMT

I have a Jakarta Tomcat 5 server installed on a Windows 2003 Server machine 
(hostname labsweb1). There is a DNS entry for pointing to 
the ROOT webapp on the labsweb1 server. When I go to for example, I get the same page as 
http://labsweb1/about/, except that in the web browser the URL remains

However, if an HTTP redirect header is sent, for example from then the URL becomes 
http://labsweb1/about/ instead of

>From what research I've done, this is because Tomcat is configured to use 
the machine's local hostname for resolving redirects, instead of the FQDN 
from the request. Any idea how to configure Tomcat so that it uses the FQDN 
from the request for relative redirects?

Please help if you can, thanks in advance!

-- James

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