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From "Martin Schaefer" <>
Subject Re: Using custom CoyoteResponse(Facade)
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 12:42:01 GMT

More a question than an answer: Could a servlet filter do the job?

Markus Krogemann <> schrieb am
17.09.2004, 14:31:51:
> Dear List,
> I am having a hard time to figure out how I could fulfill a special 
> requirement in a current project.
> I could use either tomcat 4.1.x or tomcat 5.0.x for this project, I 
> presume it doesn't make much difference in terms of possible solutions.
> The project also uses struts (1.2.2) and here is the special 
> requirement: Instead of encoding URLs with "our" tomcat's session Id I 
> have to use the session Id from another server to encode the URL, since 
> all URLs first call that other server which then includes stuff from 
> "our" tomcat. Hope that description was clear ...
> Anyway, what I would like to do is somehow "smuggle" a response object 
> into a request/response pair that could then have it's own encodeURL 
> implementation. I don't really want to patch tomcat if possible and I 
> also don't want to extend many struts classes which would be another 
> solution. Anyone got an idea?
> I have tried to use dynamic proxies (creating proxies for 
> CoyoteResponseFacade objects) but that didn't appear to work (invoke 
> would not get called on the proxies).
> I also had a look at the option to wrap my own implementation of 
> HttpServletResponse around the CoyoteResponseFacade, but that also 
> didn't get me very far. I was hoping that the .setResponse method of 
> CoyoteRequest could help, but I cannot get to a CoyoteRequest object, 
> only to a CoyoteRequestFacade object. Hm ...
> If all else fails, I guess I will have to patch tomcat.
> Thanks,
> Markus
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