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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Serializable Logging implementation
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 12:26:42 GMT
static variables are not serialized because they are not "part of the object 
instance being serialized". (Can thing of a better phrasing)


Spiegs wrote:

> Ok, in a nutshell - using a private static logger in each model object 
> will not be serialized across the cluster. Use the following 3 lines of 
> code you provided and I won't have any problems with the log4j log 
> instance not being serializable, because it never will be. Right? (I'm 
> not familiar with how the Classloader handles static variables in a 
> clustered environment)
> Thanks,
> Eric
> -------- Original Message ------
> Ditch the super class philosphy. And copy the following 3 lines of code:
> import ... LogFactory;
> import ... Log;
> private static log = LogFactory.get...(My.class);
> You don't want to use the super class philophy because debugging the 
> inheritance chain becomes impossible. For example:
> SuperClass
> SubClass
>    SubSubClass
>       SubSubSubClass
> With a log variable at the Super class level inherited by the sub 
> classes, it is IMPOSSIBLE to debug SubClass or SubSubClass. (As well as 
> SuperClass) For example - I might want trace turned on for the super 
> class and warn on for the rest of the classes in the hierarchy. 
> Inheritance kills any chance of fine grained control of log output.
> If it's static - it can't be transient. And all the instances share all 
> the same log instance at the Classloader level so it is never serialized.
> -Tim

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