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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: How many connections can be made to Tomcat on Windows?
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:04:40 GMT
Jorge Sopena wrote:
> Yes, I'm running Tomcat on a windows server, but I'm not in a production 
> environment yet.
> What do you mean with "inbounds connections"?
> I could test that sending requests every 20ms there were around 200 
> sockets in the system (with netstat command)

Not sure what tool you are using for profiling (MS Stress?).
Your test also doesn't show nothing (useful). It only shows that
you combination of application/hardware/etc cannot deliver the context
inside 20ms.
Increase the interval and when you stop receiving exceptions, that's the
workload of your hardware. Now, check the SpecMark for your computer,
and order a new box that will have a SpecMark high enough to drive your
application :).

> Any way, where could I look this "inbound limit" in a Windows system? 
> Maybe that is a hint to find de final answer.

Well, you have a 200 opened connections (those are likely 100 if you
are testing from the same box, but I hope you are not doing that).
Also if there is a limit (non-server products has max 10) it wouldn't
manifest as java exception, but rather directly to the client, never
reaching tomcat.


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