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From Ben Dischinger <>
Subject CoyoteConnector Tomcat 5.5.1 Embedded
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 05:34:01 GMT
I've been trying for the past couple days to embed Tomcat 5.5.1 into a 
java application and unfortunately I have been unable to successfully do 
so.  I have read many emails and replies to this list and also read the 
few tutorials online that exist.  It seems as though all of these 
resourses apply to the Embedded API and none have been successful with 
this version of Tomcat.

In short the problem is caused by calling Embedded:createConnector which 
returns a null value.  I believe within createConnection the class 
"org.apache.coyote.tomcat5.CoyoteConnector" fails to load using 
Class.forName which makes the method return null.  I have verified that 
the jar file tomcat-coyote.jar is in my classpath but I cannot find any 
CoyoteConnector.class within this jar file, or any other jar file for 
that manner.

Has the process for setting up an embedded server been altered or is it 
broken in this version of Tomcat?

Thank you,
Ben Dischinger

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