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From John Villar <>
Subject Re: Programmatically assign servlet mappings
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 19:09:16 GMT
My suggestion, change your design:

Have a servlete that instantiates some specialized class based on the 
content type.... Apply the "Strategy" Pattern here.... simple, elegant 
and robust....

SH Solutions escribió:

>I want to archive the following:
>I want to start my application using some ContextListener.
>Then my application shall register the required servlet-mappings.
>In my web.xml I do NOT want to have any servlet-mappings at all.
>The reason for this is, that my cms system serves different content types
>with different servlets. One servlet per type. Additionally every servlet is
>a module, managed by my cms system.
>Basically this means, that I do not know, which modules and hence, which
>servlets need to be mapped, if any.
>Is there a way to do this?
>I assume yes, because embedded tomcat need such things too, I think.
>Additionally, is there a way to do this container independent - is there a
>servlet-api way to do it?
>  Steffen
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John Villar
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