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From Sjoerd van Leent <>
Subject Re: Server side redirect
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 11:11:27 GMT
Sreejith wrote:

>Hi all,
>    It is possible to do a server side redirect to another Tomcat Server
>(any other web server)? I dont want to use status codes 3xx, as this
>involves the user agent in redirection.
What you are asking is to locate a resource on another server. If you 
want to do this you need to route the request to another server (setting 
tomcat as a proxy). You are more or less making the server the 
browser-client is talking to another client of a deeper server. More or 
less like the following illustration:

    browser ------> tomcat ------> another tomcat

In most cases it would be more wise to setup another webserver (such as 
apache) that routes your requests to different tomcat servers (using the 
mod_jk extension or something like that), which looks more like the 

                                                ------> first tomcat
    browser ------> proxy (apache for instance) ------> second tomcat
                                                ------> third tomcat

May I ask what you are actually trying to do?


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