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From Reynir Þór Hübner <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT_OPT questions (-Xms, -Xmx)
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 22:24:14 GMT

nyhgan wrote:

> 1. I see a lot of java process running on my machine when I do a 'ps' to show the process
list. So how many JVM are actually started by the tomcat instance? 

This is not showing you serveral instances of JVM but the threads with in one JVM.

> 2. What is the best -Xms and -Xmx value to use for a site that has about 200-300 concurrent

The only good way to determine how much memory is needed for a site, is by profiling and testing.
Sorry, but every applications memory need are different. It dependes alot on how you have
implemented your site and it dependes on how much 
data is kept in the session (for each user).

hope it helps

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