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From "" <>
Subject Strange errorq
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 08:25:14 GMT
Hello all,

I posted a message that our production server is slower than our development
server. The thing that happens is that one application (jsp) causes tomcat
stops and starts. Below the case:

I have a search.jsp. On this page a user can search on 4 different manners.
Each manner is programmed in a "block". If a user toggles an option the jsp
is submitted to our form/actionbean and reloads the page. I.e. the uses
wants to do an extended search, he click on the item extended search. The
Jsp submits to the struts framework, and reload the page (and doing some
checks and retrieve some data). Now a parameter tells the jsp to show the
extended search block. This is working ok, until a certain moment. After
switching between the option quick search and extended search (and everytime
reloading the page) for several times Tomcat stops and restarts. In the log
I can't see any error. The last thing I can found is that Tomcat is looking
for an instance of the actionbean (that is related to the search.jsp). I
think he can found or create an instance of the actionbean. But WHY???? It
works several times ok and than on a certain moment he can't found it
anymore. Anyone any idea???

Please help me (it's critical)

Thx in advanced


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