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From Nikola Milutinovic <>
Subject Re: ++ Best practive ?? ++ (JSP-->Servlet-->Database) character encoding.
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 13:06:32 GMT
Ben Bookey wrote:
> Hi Allistair, Nikola, et al.
> Allistair
> =========
>>>>>>what made you give up setting up the encoding via the -djvm ??
> Nikola
> ======
>>>>>>Since you have to support multiple character sets, it would be cleaner
> if you chose UTF-8 for your DB, in the first place. I do realise that data
>>>>>conversion can be a tremendous task, so your mileage may vary.
> Q. Do you mean in converting the data inside the database ? It sounds like
> you have experience --> what does it involve?

That is exactly what I mean. Converting data already inside might be 
impossible. If the input data encoding and DB encoding mismatch, there 
is no telling what is actually inside. It is best to start from a fresh 
DB, create it/set right encoding and load the data. Don't forget to use 
client encoding to match.

My field is with PostgreSQL. There I would create a DB with encoding 
'UNICODE' (UTF-8) and load data with "psql" (Oracle has "sqlplus"). In 
the "psql" session I would set the session encoding to match data on the 
input. That way I was able to load "Windows-1250" data into "UTF-8" 
database, since PSQL carries out the conversion.

> Q. Any idea to the extent to which oracle, sqlserver and mysql supports
> utf-8 ?
> DBname			supports utf?
> ==============================================
> oracle8

Definitely no Unicode, but all ISO-8559-* are there.

> oracle9
> oracle10

Has Unicode.

> sqlserver2000
> sqlserver97
> mysql41

Don't know.


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