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From Morten>
Subject Re: valid XHTML 1.1, Tomcat, text/xml, and @!&* IE
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2004 07:27:59 GMT
On 2004-09-17 23:27:01 -0700, Mark Eggers wrote:
> Yes, but the actual XSL is just a copy statement:
> <stylesheet version="1.0"
>      xmlns="">
>     <template match="/">
>         <copy-of select="."/>
>     </template>
> </stylesheet>
> This should mean that no actual transformation gets done.
> However, also from the FAQ:
> Why is it allowed to send XHTML 1.0 documents as text/html?


> A third hack might be to use the:
>   <!--[if IE]>
>   <![endif]-->
> hack in your document.  This means that only Internet Exploder will see
> what's there.

The nicest solution is to follow the tips in this article:

Basically , if the HTTP_ACCEPT variable contains the string
"application/xhtml+xml" set MIME-Type to that, otherwise set it to

And no, I have no idea how you do that in Java/JSP, I'm too much of a
newbie yet, but eventually I'll have to do something like that myself.
> Sigh - asking Microsoft to play by the rules is just not a possible
> thing.

It is, it just won't help.

Have a nice day

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