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From "Thomas E. Dukes" <>
Subject Confused
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 02:02:24 GMT

I have only been running tomcat for 3 days now but I am confused about

Today, I change the "appBase" from "webapps" to "/var/www/html" for the
default virtual host in server.xml.  I restarted tomcat.  I then installed
jive forums in /var/www/html/forums but was not able to get it to work at
that location.  I changed "appBase" back to "webapps", moved jive forums to
/var/lib/tomcat and bingo-bango, it worked.

My reasoning for this is I have several virtual hosts and didn't want to
lump all java apps together.  I'd rather spread them out to their respective
home directories.

This is a Fedora Core 2 system running tomcat 4.1.27.

Is there something I didn't do besides changing server.xml?


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