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From Greg Ward <>
Subject Re: Why is Tomcat/Connector Installation So Incredibly Painful??
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2004 13:54:02 GMT
>  * to forward both SSL and non-SSL requests with mod_proxy, you'd
>    need two HTTP connectors in Tomcat, meaning two thread pools

[Yoav Shapiro]
> This is a serious stumbling block?  Really?  I buy your other
> (redirect-related) argument but not this one at all.  You can easily
> configure thread pools to consume almost no resources when they're not
> used.

It wasn't the overhead of the extra thread pool that bothered me, it's
more the fact that Tomcat would be unable to amortize thread creation as
well.  Eg. if I have one thread pool with max 75 threads for *all*
requests, then Tomcat only has to create 75 threads, period.  But if I
need a pool of (say) 50 threads for SSL requests and another 50 for
non-SSL requests, then Tomcat might need to create 100 threads.  (Also,
it's harder to know if my numbers are right -- it's like partitioning a
hard disk into two partitions that you *think* will do the trick versus
creating one big partition for everything.  The latter almost always

I doubt this would have much of a performance impact, and I didn't
bother to implement and measure it.  It's just the howling inelegance of
the whole scheme that bugged me.  That was when the little "now I know
why AJP and mod_jk exist" light bulb clicked on.  ;-)


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