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From Mark Eggers <>
Subject Re: valid XHTML 1.1, Tomcat, text/xml, and @!&* IE
Date Sat, 18 Sep 2004 06:27:01 GMT
Yes, but the actual XSL is just a copy statement:

<stylesheet version="1.0"
    <template match="/">
        <copy-of select="."/>

This should mean that no actual transformation gets done.

However, also from the FAQ:

Why is it allowed to send XHTML 1.0 documents as text/html?

XHTML is an XML format; this means that strictly speaking it should be
sent with an XML-related media type (application/xhtml+xml,
application/xml, or text/xml). However XHTML 1.0 was carefully designed
so that with care it would also work on legacy HTML user agents as well.
If you follow some simple guidelines, you can get many XHTML 1.0
documents to work in legacy browsers. However, legacy browsers only
understand the media type text/html, so you have to use that media type
if you send XHTML 1.0 documents to them. But be well aware, sending
XHTML documents to browsers as text/html means that those browsers see
the documents as HTML documents, not XHTML documents.

A third hack might be to use the:

  <!--[if IE]>


hack in your document.  This means that only Internet Exploder will see
what's there.

Sigh - asking Microsoft to play by the rules is just not a possible

just my two cents . . . .

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