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From "Kretzer Markus" <>
Subject mod_jk timeout/retrys when one load balaced server is down
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 10:21:06 GMT
we are using mod_jk as a load balancer in front of 2 tomcats which are not running on the
same server as the apache/mod_jk (the tomcats are actualy in another net zone after a firewall
but that should not be important).
When one of the tomcats fails the failover to the other server works fine after 3-5 Seconds.
But if the whole host goes down (Network cable plugged out, Host switched off) the failover
takes ~60 Seconds, because the mod_jk tries to connect about 6-10 times with the tomcat and
runs into a timeout every time. After that the failover works. But after a few minutes the
whole process starts again and some of the users have to wait 60 Seconds before the website
So how do i set the timeout to a lower value? Or can i at leased set the retry to 1 or so?
Markus Kretzer
System Administration
Buhl Data Service GmbH
Am Siebertsweiher 3/5, 
57290 Neunkirchen
Tel.: +49 (2735) 776-469
Fax.: +49 (2735) 776-310 <> <> 

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