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From "Steve Kirk" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat 4/Apache 2 Connector slow down
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:35:03 GMT

Try turning off ip to name resolution, this can sometimes be very slow and
seemingly affect different PCs/servers differently.  I'm no expert on what
might cause the slowdown in your case, but I have experienced what sound
like similar problems in the past.

>From the default server.xml file for v5.0.27:
         By default, DNS lookups are enabled when a web application calls
         request.getRemoteHost().  This can have an adverse impact on
         performance, so you can disable it by setting the
         "enableLookups" attribute to "false".  When DNS lookups are
         request.getRemoteHost() will return the String version of the
         IP address of the remote client.

The same adverse impact can also be caused when converting IP to name for
logging purposes.

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> From: Steve Forsyth [] 
> Sent: Thursday 30 September 2004 00:50
> To:
> Subject: Tomcat 4/Apache 2 Connector slow down
> I have a very bizarre situation:
> I have everything working as far as the connectivity between 
> Tomcat 4 and Apache 2 with both the JK and JK2 connectors (of 
> course not at the same time :)
> I am currently testing on 2 computers... both connected 
> through the same little hub and both have the exact same IP 
> configuration coming from DHCP.
> However, computer A (my computer) hits the websites and runs just fine
> Whereas, computer B hits the websites and reacts in different 
> ways depending on what my setup is and how I hit the 
> website... explained hereafter
> Different ways of hitting the website and the different 
> configurations (only affected computer B)
> 1) Using JK connector and port 8080 (so bypassing Apache 2):  
>  Everything flies
> 2) Using JK connector and port 80 (going through Apache 2):   
> Moderate slow down of about 4 to 5 times slower than going 
> direct on port 8080. So a page that would come up instantly 
> now comes up about 2 to 5 seconds
> 3) Using JK2 connector and port 8080:    Again, everything flies
> 4) Using JK2 connector and port 80:   EXTREMELY SLOW... 
> something happens that makes the connection go slower than a 
> modem... on a LAN. We sniffed the traffic (unfortunately, 
> none of us are all that good with exactly what we are seeing 
> so we had to rely on what the sniffer was telling us) and it 
> looks like there is some very fast handshaking for a few 
> packets back and forth and then a WINS packet to the client, 
> the client sends back the computer name and user name and the 
> server sits on it for about 7 secs... the server sends 
> another WINS packet... sits for another 7 secs.... this all 
> happens for about 30 secs and then the server starts sending 
> packets but slowly. 
> So... all in all... it takes 30 seconds to send a page that 
> normally takes far less than a second if going directly to 
> Tomcat via port 8080.
> The part that makes this whole thing interesting is the fact 
> that I have found my computer... and the other servers seem 
> to not be affected by any of this... and yet most of our 
> pcs... which are of varying speeds, types, (however all are 
> windows OSs... XP and NT4).  I haven't seen any difference 
> between IP settings or any other network settings. However, I 
> must admit that I'm a developer and not a net admin :)
> Anyway, anyone have any ideas or comments... places to search?
> WINS is about the worst search term that you would want to 
> search for since it never pulls up exactly what you are looking for :)
> Thanks,
> Steve
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