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From Matt Buffington <>
Subject Tomcat4 won't start
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 21:11:17 GMT
Hello all.

I am a new user of Tomcat4, running on a Windows 2000 server.  I am a
Canto Cumulus user; Tomcat4 is used to publish my image database.  I
have upgraded all my software recently (including Tomcat4), and after
following ALL of the suggestions of Canto, I cannot get Tomcat4 to start
(whether using the startup.bat file or manually starting through the
Manager.  I get an error message that tells me Windows cannot start
Tomcat4, and this may be a Windows error, and I should see the
administrator.  I get no log files to check.

I have installed the JRsdk 1.4.2_05, and verified that JAVA_HOME is set

Has anyone encountered this type of error, and if so, what sort of
solutions are needed?

Thanks for any help,


M.L. Buffington
Dept. of Entomology
UC Riverside, Riverside, CA
92521 USA

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