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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject RE: SOLVED: How to get the context path for a web application?
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 09:25:07 GMT
On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Shapira, Yoav wrote:

| Hi,
| >Agreed, but my follow-up question was if there was such a call to be
| done
| >using a ServletContext/ServletConfig object so that you can get the
| context
| >path in initialization servlets, etc., before a request comes in.
| No, and an archive search would reveal past discussions around this
| issue (though none recently).   Webapps are supposed to be independent
| of their server configuration including with regards to context path,
| and so the Servlet Spec actively discourages you from doing webapp
| initialization or configuration based on such data.  A lot of people
| debated for a long time what does and doesn't go into the
| ServletContext/ServletConfig objects as opposed to Request/Response
| objects.

I'm jumping in on this thread, since I just had the same problem: I wanted
to do some initing for developers on a particular setup, where I wanted to
be able to override init (development-)settings per user per webapp w/o
messing with any webapp-specific config files. Per user is OK, but per
webapp is impossible.

Look at this snippet from servlet JavaDocs..:

[ ]

  "  There is one context per "web application" per Java Virtual Machine.
(A "web application" is a collection of servlets and content installed
under a specific subset of the server's URL namespace such as /catalog and
possibly installed via a .war file.)  "

Thus, there is a -clear- notion of a Webapp living under "a specific
subset of the server's URL namespace". What is that subset, please?

I find it very non-coherent and non-consistent that you can get this on a
request, but not on startup. Now, why is that? The argument about
"supposed to be independent" doesn't do it for me: This independence isn't
more enforced by -taking away- the information that you nonetheless have
to, and are, given on a request. And it encourages, as you state in a
later mail, folks to duplicate information in config files, e.g. web.xml -
and at that point you most definately have ripped the independence of the
webapp to small pieces.

If anyone here will be on the next Servlet EG, then please ask these
questions again! I'm informed that this has had its fair share of
discussion before - but please either remove that JavaDoc, or -gimme the
information- via the ServletContext object!


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