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From Brad McEvoy <>
Subject Error with "All threads (...) are currently busy" on Red Hat
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 06:19:35 GMT

Our tomcat server freezes intermittently, without any identifiable cause,
giving a message like "All threads (xxx) are currently busy, waiting". At
first I assumed that some bug with our java code was causing requests to
hang indefinitely and they were accumulating over time to cause this, but
I've added diagnostics code to detect that condition and it appears not to
be the case.

A similar problem was reported recently at

However, the resolution to that referred to problematic versions which we
aren't using

Our exact versions are below..

linux Red Hat EL
kernel 2.4.21-17.ELsmp  (as per recommendation on Bug 120341 for ibm blades)
tomcat 4.1.30
apache 2.0.49
mod_jk 2.04
glibc 2.3.2-95.20
java 1.4.2_02 - Sun VM

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Brad McEvoy

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