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From "Roberto Rios" <>
Subject Strage Behaviour - Tomcat Memory Leak
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2004 16:39:44 GMT

I was doing an evaluation of JProfiler in order see the improvements did
since the last time I used it. I has a feature (like other profilers) that
shows the heap usage in real time.

As I always do, I have installed a new copy of tomcat, with NO changes. I
have just unziped it into a directory (by the way, I am using winXP,
J2SDK1.4.2_05, JProfiler 3.1 and tomcat 4.1.30/5.0.25).

So I started JProfiler, that automatically starts tomcat (I have tested it
against 4.1.30 and 5.0.25 - same behaviour), and I also started the heap
monitor (that JProfiler calls VM Telemetry).

What I saw, IMHO, is very strange: time to times (around every 30 minutes)
the heap is totally filled, and the garbage collector runs. So the graph
looks like a saw:

  /|  /|  /|  /
 / | / | / | /
/  |/  |/  |/

What is strange, is that I does't touch tomcat. I just start it. Nothing is
running under it (except the default applications: manager, examples,
etc.... Anyway, I have cleaned the server.xml and webapps, removing the
manager, admin and examples app. Same bahaviour again).

IMHO, the heap usage should be a flat line if nothing is running under
tomcat. Something like (the initial increase is due to tomcat startup) this:


My conclusion, is that OR tomcat has a huge memory leak, OR JProfiler isn't

Does anyone has an explanation about this behaviour? Is it know? Maybe a
listener, logger, etc?



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