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From "Jon Doe" <>
Subject Re: web.xml: my default.css file does not work correctly
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2004 13:14:57 GMT
Thanks for this. But it still didn't answer my problem (which is solved -- 
see below). I don't have a 'welcome file'. I have a welcome page generated 
by a servlet -- so you can reference it with


And I can map this no problem. But to get this to work:


fails. I assumed the '<welcome-file-list>' was relevant, but it only seems 
to be for real files (html, jsp, etc), not for 'virtual' URLs.

But for the record I solved my problem by creating an index.html file with 

   <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=/context/home.myext">

and had *everything* else mapped using my Router servlet. Works like a 

Thanks again.


>: So, I've disabled the / mapping by commenting it out. And my CSS
>: pages are working as normal. But trying to access my app with the root 
>: just causes a directory listing.
>Check your book (or the servlet spec) for "<welcome-file-list>."
>It's akin to the "DirectoryIndex" directive in Apache httpd, which lists
>the file(s) checked when a request is made to just a directory path
>(e.g. index.html).
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