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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject RE: $CATALINA_HOME\shared configuration question
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:03:49 GMT

>We're in the process of adopting the use of the
>and $CATALINA_HOME\shared\lib directories (windows platform) to
>greater code sharing and integration, and I'm having trouble getting
>watch these folders for changes and refresh it's cache if such changes
>As near as I can tell, for a typical context, it seems the way to do
>is to
>hop into the server.xml file and set the "reloadable" value to true.
>However, I'm not seeing a context within that file that pertains to the
>$CATALINA_HOME\shared directory.
>So, the question: where does one go to configure the
>context to be reloadable?

Shared is not a context, it's not a webapp, it's not reloadable.  That's
the end of that story.

And in general I'd say be careful with your approach to "encourage
greater code sharing and integration" because webapps are supposed to be
self-contained.  The common and shared classloader repositories are to
be used only in special circumstances, such as making JDBC drivers
visible to the server.  You should consider alternative designs, such as
remote beans or facilities like JMS as opposed to using shared/common
code.  Of course there are exceptions to all cases, but I wanted to
raise this caution flag.


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