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From "Shapira, Yoav" <>
Subject [OFF-TOPIC] RE: Source Control Ideas.
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 14:50:36 GMT

Hola, (or perhaps, Kalimera?)

>Since this is a nice active list of plenty of developers and I have no
>other idea where I can post theses questions...
>My questions are concerning source control in general

We ask that you prepend [OFF-TOPIC] to the subject line of messages not
related to Tomcat.  I'll also point you at some other resources for your
future reference:

>1- Is there any good books, articles, web sites tutorials...

Yes, there are plenty: Google is your friend.

>Now all of a sudden I realise that product2 can also use p1web1 which
>turn uses p1db2. So now I have to make slight changes to p1web1 and
>p1db2 to support product 2.
>Now both products share p1web1 and p1db2.  Lets say a bug is found on
>p1web1. Analysis is done and the bug only affects product1...
>How could source control be managed, structured when multiple products
>may share mutltiple "components"

The general approach is to set up a separate "component" in source
control for each component of your code that can be depended upon.  All
modern source control systems allow you to label branches, so you can
have a DB1_1.0 label for database 1 code version 1.0.  Product 1 can
depend on this.  Then as you make further changes you label is DB1_1.1
or maybe DB1_2.0 as you wish, and you change dependencies accordingly.
Product 1 can still depend on 1.0 if it wishes, and you can still make
changes in the 1.0 branch.

As to your other question, all modern source control systems allow you
set views and work with branches, and then merge them if/when you see
fit.  These are fairly basic source control questions, so maybe you
should check out a book or article like
or a class like

As I said, Google is your friend -- this information is not hard to


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