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From Gaurav Vaish <>
Subject Tomcat Benchmarking / Load Testing
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 13:47:12 GMT

  I am looking for some good case-study on Tomcat loadtest and benchmarking.

  It may or may not be with mod_jk(2) however a study with the
following paramters would be useful:

  - JDK Version
  - Tomcat version
  - OS (with version and SPs)
  - Apache Version (if not standalone)
  - Concurrent Users (Threads)
  - Response Time

  The problem is that we have a e-Learning application running on
Tomcat 4.x (planning to migrate to 5.x) which faced severe problems
when put on production server. Stress testing in labs were passed
gracefully, however it gives several issues with around 500 concurrent
users on the production server.

  In anycase, which would be more scalable (load) - standalone Tomcat
or with Apache/mod_jk?

   The details of the production server are:

  - Red Hat Enterprise Server 9.0
  - Kernel 2.4.9
  - JDK 1.4.2 (Sun JDK)
  - Tomcat 4.0 (Standalone)
  - 2048MB RAM
  - 4-Processor CPU (2GHz each), Intel 386

Happy Hacking,
Gaurav Vaish

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