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From RJ>
Subject Re: SSL in tomcat standalone with virtual hosts
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 16:28:28 GMT
At 12:01 PM 8/19/2004, Hassan Schroeder wrote:
>RJ wrote:
>>OK, I've done some more searching
>I think you're making this harder than it needs to be...

That's definitely the story of my life.....

For those as clueless as me, here's what I did to get
it to work:  edit up server.xml to define a Connector for
each SSL cert, listing port="443", address="",
and keystoreFile="" for each
IP's keystore.

Thanks to everyone who helped!


>>>I read one post in the archives that said to create a new connector
>>>for each IP, but that doesn't work (at least using the Administration
>>>tool -- it only allows one connector on 443).
>So don't use the Administration tool :-) -- use the text editor of
>your choice, create the Connector definitions, and you're done.
>I assure you it works -- that's how my server's configured: two IP
>addresses, two Connectors, two certs, both using port 443.
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