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From "Tobias Eriksson" <>
Subject can't use EL <c:out value="${obj.names}"....
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 11:56:36 GMT

 For some reason I'm having difficulties getting something as simple as
this to work, see below.

 The result I get is this, see below. It seems to me that the
VALUE-attribute is not evaluated. I've downloaded the JSTL-package from
apache's homepage and I've included the tld and jar files in the WEB-INF

 I am not sure what to try next, so any pointers would be appreciated.






This is my JSP page. 
Name: ${ttt.val}
Parameter values passed to this page for each parameter: 









<%@ page language="java" import="java.lang.*,java.util.*" %>

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="" %>




    <base href="<%=basePath%>">


    <title>My JSP Tag-test page</title>






    This is my JSP page. <br>


<jsp:useBean id="ttt" class=""
scope="request" />

<jsp:getProperty name="ttt" property="val" />


<c:out value="${ttt.val}" />


<c:forEach items="${ttt.Names}" var="aname">

   Name: <c:out value="${ttt.val}" /><BR>




<b>Parameter values passed to this page for each parameter: </b>

<table border="2">

<c:forEach var="current" items="${param}">



    <b><c:out value="${current.key}" /></b>


        <c:forEach var="aVal" items="${paramValues[current.key]}">


            <c:out value="${aVal}" />










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