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From "Allistair Crossley" <>
Subject [OFF TOPIC] J2EE/Tomcat Build Process
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 08:30:05 GMT
Hi All,

I am currently trying to streamline our team's build process here using Tomcat as our servlet

For a while the way I had it setup was that we had 1 instance of TC running on a dev server
and 1 instance on production. Each developer would checkout only the code they will work on
from VSS. They would not have read-only latest version copies of the other source on their
disks. They would then use an Ant build script to compile their checked out classes directly
to TC's classes, and a separate Ant target for copying JSPs and so on to the webapp folder.

This method as far as I was concerned got around the code overwrite problem - where if both
developers had a version of all source using a Get Latest Version, each time they compile
they would overwrite the same instance compiled classes.

Recently, I have installed a TC per developer on the server. My idea is that we will use the
Eclipse VSS plugin and WILL all perform Get Latest Version. However, because each dev has
their own dev instance, they will not overwrite any changes by other developers on source
they have not got checked out.

Then, I am thinking, each developer must only ever checkin stable compilable source, so that
when other devs Get Latest Version from the root of the source tree, it will still compile.

When I do a build, I am thinking that all source must be checked in, then a Get Latest Version,
then run an Ant script to compile and generate a WAR for staging and production deployment.

Finally, I have just this second had a call from IT saying the 3 instances on our dev  server
are brining virtual memory to its knees - which begs another question - should each developer
have a locally installed TC rather than server based? 

I would be very interested in others' development/deploy processes with mult-developer Tomcat
environments to cross-check my ideas. 

Kindest Regards, Allistair.

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