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From <>
Subject RAM usage of Linux-based Tomcat server PART2
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 07:06:03 GMT
Adding a question to this note:

I have a maximum heap size of 768mb, and for a freshly started server, it
sits at 65mb. Throughout the day, it works itself near the max. Users
finish at 7pm, and first thing in the morning the server has not reclaimed
*any* memory - i.e. if I want to stop Tomcat running out of memory and
crashing, I need to restart the server every morning.
Is this solely down to the app or what? I am running Tomcat 5.0.18,
(shortly to be upgraded to 5.0.27) could issues with Tomcat .18 be causing
this (there are some memory related notes in the Tomcat CHANGELOG).

> At 10:57 PM 8/30/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>>I'm not worried about the transient memory used by the
>>Tomcat instance for it to serve servlets.
>>But I'm worried about the memory permanently allocated
>>for a Tomcat instance. Eg. A servlet in a particular
>>Tomcat instance, may load the entire database into the
>>memory for efficiency reasons. Now this Tomcat
>>instance requires X amount of memory to keep the
>>database and all the stuff related to that Tomcat
>>instance (except transient memory) to keep them in
>>memory. And it requires additional variable amount of
>>transient memory to serve it, that depends on the
>>demand for that Tomcat instance.
>>What I need to know is can I restrict the size of X?
>>If the memory allocated permanently to a particular
>>Tomcat instance cannot be restricted, Can I restrict
>>the total memory allocation (ie. permanent + transient
>>memory) for that Tomcat instance?
> The VM starts up with a default of 64 meg of RAM Max regardless of
> physical  memory.  You can increase this using -Xmx (with the Sun VM).
> For  example...  java -Xmx 256m
> Any out of memory errors you get are because the amount of memory
> needed by  the application exceeds the maximum memory barrier of the
> VM.  The only way  around this is to get rid of memory leaks and/or
> increase the maximum  memory for the VM.
> look up -Xmx on Google for more info
> Jake
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