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From "Caldarale, Charles R" <>
Subject RE: 1067 error when starting service after allocating more memory to JVM
Date Sun, 08 Aug 2004 17:45:02 GMT
> From: Stephen Charles Huey []
> Subject: RE: 1067 error when starting service after allocating more memory to JVM
> So, does this mean my OS (Win 2K) will limit me and not allow 
> me to allocate more memory to the JVM even if I install more 
> physical memory in the machine

To some extent that's correct.  Ths OS architecture defines how much virtual space a user
process can utilize out of the hardware maximum (4GB for x86-based chips).  As noted before,
this user space is normally 2GB for 32-bit Windows systems.  You get this 2GB regardless of
the amount of real memory.  However, if you tried to use all of that 2GB virtual space on
a system with limited real memory, you'd probably be paging like crazy and have poor throughput.
 Although real memory is used for more than just program code and data (e.g., file caching),
there is some point beyond which adding real memory will have no effect on a single application's
performance.  The only way to truly determine this point is to test with your application
under load (you can certainly make educated guesses, of course).

 - Chuck

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