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From Gunnar Brading <gun...@Astrogator.SE>
Subject Functionality of <run-as> for Servlets
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 15:42:44 GMT
I have been in need of using the <run-as> tag in a Tomcat-only 
environment... Is this possible? Reading the source indicates that it 
wouldn't be possible to get the information about the role the context 
currently is in. Using the requests in-role methods of course tells me about
the user, and not the context.

Have I come to the right conclusion?

Reading the specs tells me that the functionality is meant for 
transferring roles to EJB's. Some documentation I found at Sun indicates 
though that even web-applications should be able to use this.

Anyone got more information about this?

-- gunnar

 Gunnar Brading, Astrogator AB - High Performance Networks & Interactive Media
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