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From Holger Wesser <>
Subject Re: Lifecycle Exception when starting Tomcat 5 automatically
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 15:10:20 GMT
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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don't know what you exactly mean.
I uploaded the startup script to:

Maybe you could have a look at this and describe what I have to modify.
This would be great.


Shapira, Yoav schrieb:
| Hi,
| This suggests an environment difference between your boot startup and
| executing the /etc script once you're logged in.  You might need to
| explicitly add the LOCALE and similar environment settings to your boot
| startup script.
| Yoav Shapira
| Millennium Research Informatics
|>-----Original Message-----
|>From: Holger Wesser []
|>Sent: Friday, August 27, 2004 8:37 AM
|>Subject: Lifecycle Exception when starting Tomcat 5 automatically
|>Hi there,
|>I'm running Tomcat 5.0.19 with Apache 2.0.49 on a SuSE 9.1 machine.
|>When booting up the machine, the Tomcat won't start, although the
| startup
|>script is installed properly. When inspecting the
|>file, I find an entry like this:
|>27.08.2004 14:03:20 org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina stop
|>SCHWERWIEGEND: Catalina.stop
|>LifecycleException:  Cannot find message associated with key
|>	at
| 62)
|>	at
|>	at
|>	at org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina.stop(
|>	at
| java
|>Just really don't know what it means. A
|>"/etc/init.d/tomcat start"
|>starts the service successfully and tomcat works without problems.
|>Has anybody an idea how to solve this problem or are there any
| workarounds
|>Thanks for help
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