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From Frank Gynnild <>
Subject Newlines in HttpServletRequest.getInputStream
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:40:46 GMT
Hi all.

I'm having some trouble using Tomcat 5.0.27 and using it as a layer for 
a XML-RPC server
using Apache XML-RPC package. I'm not sure if this is a Tomcat relevant 
problem, but
the webserver that comes with the XML-RPC behaves differently.

The problem is as follows:
I call an XML-RPC method which basically is XML on top of HTTP. I'm sending
some binary data which implicitly is converted to base64 when sent over 
These are surrounded by <base64>-tags. When I use Tomcat all the binary data
gets corrupted, and when I'm inspecting the inpustream I can see that 
all the base64
encoded data gets split up with newlines every 76th character. These 
confuses the base64 decoder used in Apache XML-RPC package so the data
gets crippled. It's my understanding that base64-encoded strings should not
have any newlines in it at all since it's not part of the base64-alphabet.

My question is:
I assume servlet.jar implementation is making some newline insertions, 
since it works
fine if I use the same client to talk to the webserver packaged within 
Apache XML-RPC.
Is this something that needs to be addressed in Tomcat or should I turn 
this problem to Apache XML-RPC?
Any thoughts appreciated.


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